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TRIWAY radio system will serve well as an integral part of any mobile transmission network. In accordance with network topology requirements, any capacity can be chosen, from 2xE1 to 63xE1 in combination with Ethernet up to 150Mbps; for Gigabit Ethernet the capacity can be aggregated up to 900Mbps into single port.

If the operator is providing services apart from the core activity - mobile voice (for example ISP or other data services) - the capability of TRIWAY radio system to deliver data interfaces would be most welcome, leading to a simpler, logically built network, and saving a significant part of the total system costs. 

TRIWAY recognizes the global trend in mobile networks to migrate to Ethernet based networks for 3G, 4G, LTE connectivity while keeping connectivity for existing interfaces (V.35, E1, STM-1 and others).

Fixed network solution

There are many good uses for microwave radio in any fixed network for both data and voice service access.

The most typical applications are:

  • connection of local exchanges to the network with appropriate capacity radio, from 2xE1 to 63xE1 or 2-8Mbps V.35 interfaces are available, or STM-1 interface;
  • provision of high speed data connection to DSL concentrators where no fiber is available. 4-100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, or up to 900Mbits Gigabit Ethernet into single port;
  • for connections of large/demanding customers where an existing cable network is not available, a combined solution consisting of a mix of data and voice interfaces is typically a cost-saving and preferable option;
  • temporary installations during the cable network build-out phase;
  • connection of office buildings to the network allows economic delivery of services for numerous customers in a single building.



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