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A designer, producer and distributor of digital microwave data transmission equipment for digital voice and data communication.

TRIWAY is committed toward providing strong focus on both the production and delivery of customer-adapted wireless solutions at a competitive price and highest standards of quality. TRIWAY recognizes its strengths in terms of the products we design,produce and repair, all of which are undertaken within the same HQ in INDIA with multinational dynamism. This culminates in a perfect understanding of our entire equipment range and as the sole vendor delivering these products we have the flexibility to adapt solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Flexibility and customer-oriented business philosophy are the core concepts of Triway research and business development. Our specialists are always following up-to-date industry trends to successfully integrate cutting-edge technologies in our all-inclusive portfolio of modular split-mount and full outdoor systems.



India Office : Chennai - 600053; Global Office : PO.Box 94832, Dubai, UAE
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